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Picnic With Cat Family

Picnic With Cat Family

"Picnic With Cat Family" is a mobile game app available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. As the name suggests, the game involves going on a picnic with a family of cats and feeding them. The game is designed for children and has simple gameplay mechanics, such as dragging and dropping food to feed the cats. Additionally, the game features various mini-games and activities to keep children entertained.

Picnic With Cat Family


Sure! Here is a general guide on the controls and how to play "Picnic With Cat Family":


  • To interact with the game, use your finger to tap, drag, and drop items.

How to play:

  1. Open the game and select the cat you want to play with.
  2. The game will take you to a picnic area where you will see the cat and a picnic basket filled with food.
  3. Tap on the food items to select them.
  4. Drag the food item to the cat you want to feed.
  5. Release your finger to drop the food item into the cat's bowl.
  6. Continue to feed the cat until it's full.
  7. After you finish feeding one cat, you can move on to the next one by tapping on the arrow button.
  8. The game also includes mini-games and activities, such as painting, puzzles, and more, which you can play by tapping on the icons on the screen.

As for the controls, it seems that the game may involve using touch controls to drag and drop the food to feed the cats. However, without specific information or access to the game, I can't provide more details.

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