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Monki & Goru


"Monki & Goru Adventures" is a mobile game that is available on Android and iOS devices. In this game, the player controls two characters named Monki and Goru and helps them run and jump through different levels to collect bananas and avoid obstacles.

The game features multiple levels with increasing difficulty. The player needs to collect all the bananas and avoid obstacles such as spikes, pits, and enemies to reach the end of the level. The levels are set in different environments, such as forests, caves, and mountains.

The game has simple and easy-to-use controls. The player needs to tap the screen to jump, hold down the screen for a higher jump, and swipe left or right to move the characters. The game also features power-ups such as shields and speed boosts that help the player complete the levels faster.

"Monki & Goru Adventures" has colorful graphics and lively sound effects that make it an engaging game for players of all ages. It is a fun and challenging game that tests the player's reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

Monki & Goru


The game is likely available on both Android and iOS platforms.

Here's a brief guide on how to play the game:


  • Tap the screen to jump.
  • Hold down the screen to jump higher.
  • Swipe left or right to move the character.

How to Play:

  1. Choose a level: The game features multiple levels that players can choose from. Each level presents unique challenges and obstacles that must be overcome to progress.

  2. Collect bananas: The primary goal of each level is to collect as many bananas as possible while avoiding obstacles such as spikes, pits, and other hazards.

  3. Avoid obstacles: The game features a variety of obstacles that must be avoided, including enemies and environmental hazards.

  4. Reach the finish line: Once all bananas have been collected, the player must reach the finish line to complete the level.

  5. Advance to the next level: As the player progresses through the levels, the challenges become more difficult, and new obstacles and enemies are introduced.

Overall, "Monki & Goru Adventures" is an enjoyable and challenging game that requires quick reflexes and skillful maneuvering to collect bananas and complete levels. With its simple controls and engaging gameplay, the game is suitable for players of all ages.

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