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Sequel to FireBlob, now with more levels and detail, better graphics, new puzzles, speedrun mode, and a final boss battle! FireBlob is a Platform-Puzzle game where you command a small fireball in order to reach and ignite a wood fire; use the ball heat abilities to melt the ice or use some level objects to help her to complete his task. Inspired in some NES style games the game has a colorful graphics style and retro-like sounds and calm music in order to be a relaxing experience, although


Here's a basic control guide for FireBlob:

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move the FireBlob left, right, and jump.
Press the up arrow or W key to make the FireBlob jump higher.
Use the spacebar or Z key to activate the FireBlob's heat abilities, which can melt ice and ignite wood.
Use the X key to interact with certain level objects, such as switches and levers.
Press the Esc key to pause the game and access the options menu.
In addition to the basic controls, here are some tips for playing FireBlob:

Be mindful of the FireBlob's heat gauge, which decreases every time you use the heat abilities. If the gauge runs out, the FireBlob will extinguish and you'll have to restart the level.
Use the environment to your advantage. Some levels may have ice blocks that can be melted to create new paths, or wooden objects that need to be ignited in order to progress.
Look for hidden secrets and collectibles in each level, such as extra lives or hidden pathways. They can be useful for completing the game or achieving a faster time.
The final boss battle will require some strategy and quick reflexes. Pay attention to the boss's attack patterns and use your heat abilities wisely to defeat it.
With more levels, detail, and improved graphics, FireBlob promises to be a challenging yet relaxing experience for players who enjoy platform-puzzle games. The addition of a speedrun mode and a final boss battle will add an extra layer of excitement and challenge for those looking for a greater challenge.

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