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Delicious Cake Shop Game

Delicious Cake Shop Game

Delicious Cake Shop is a very popular cooking game. You own a cute cake shop and you love baking. Today two customers come to your shop asking you to design cakes for them. Come and grab your tools to make delicious cakes for them. There are many unique cake moulds and accessories for you to try. Don't forget to pack the cakes and charge the customers money.


Sure, here's a detailed controls guide for Delicious Cake Shop:

  1. To play the game, use your mouse or touchpad to click on the various buttons and icons on the screen.

  2. Use the menu to select the cake design you want to make. You can choose from a variety of cake molds and accessories to create unique designs.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to bake the cake. This may include things like mixing ingredients, pouring batter into the cake mold, and baking the cake in the oven.

  4. Once the cake is baked, use your creativity to decorate it with frosting, sprinkles, fruit, and other decorations.

  5. Use your mouse or touchpad to drag and drop the decorations onto the cake.

  6. When the cake is complete, pack it in a box and charge the customer the appropriate amount of money.

  7. Repeat these steps for each customer that comes to your cake shop.

  8. You can earn money and points for each cake you sell, which can be used to unlock new cake molds, accessories, and decorations.

  9. You can save your progress and come back to the game later to continue where you left off.

I hope that helps, and have fun baking delicious cakes in Delicious Cake Shop!

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