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Ben 10 Power Surge

Ben 10 Power Surge

Ben 10 Power Surge is a free online action-adventure game based on the popular animated television series Ben 10. In this game, you play as Ben Tennyson, a young boy who has the ability to transform into different alien forms with unique powers. Your mission is to help Ben defeat evil forces and save the world from destruction.

Ben 10 Power Surge



  • Use the arrow keys to move Ben around.
  • Press the Z key to jump.
  • Press the X key to shoot.
  • Press the spacebar to transform into one of Ben's alien forms.

How to play:

  • Move Ben through each level, defeating enemies and collecting power-ups along the way.
  • Use your alien powers to overcome obstacles and reach new areas.
  • Watch out for hazards like spikes and bottomless pits.
  • Defeat bosses at the end of each level to progress to the next one.
  • Collect Omnitrix symbols to unlock new alien forms and upgrade your abilities.

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