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Robot Car Emergency Rescue 3

Robot Car Emergency Rescue 3

Robot Car Emergency Rescue 3 is a game where you control a robot car and rescue people in emergency situations.

Join Robot cars and save the city playing these cool games for boys and girls. Kids Games for Boys and Girls! Put out the fire, find the cat, repair the building, and much more! A new Port has been opened recently, and there's a typhoon there!


Here are the instructions and controls guide for the game:


  1. The goal of the game is to control the robot car and rescue people who are in emergency situations, such as car accidents or fires.

  2. You will have to navigate through different levels and environments, including busy city streets and mountainous terrain.

  3. Use your skills and abilities to overcome various obstacles and challenges in each level.

  4. The game has multiple missions and objectives, and you will have to complete them all to progress through the game.

Controls Guide:

  1. To control the robot car, use the arrow keys or the joystick on your device.

  2. You can accelerate or brake by pressing the up or down arrow keys, respectively.

  3. To turn left or right, use the left and right arrow keys.

  4. You can also use special abilities, such as the grappling hook or the jet boosters, to overcome obstacles and reach new areas.

  5. To use a special ability, press the corresponding button on your device or keyboard.

  6. In each level, you will need to locate and rescue the people who are in need of help.

  7. Follow the on-screen instructions and use your problem-solving skills to rescue as many people as possible and complete the mission.

I hope that helps, and enjoy playing Robot Car Emergency Rescue 3!

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