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Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush is an exciting 3D endless runner game where players ride their bike through the city, dodging obstacles and collecting coins along the way. The goal of the game is to see how far you can ride before crashing.

Players can jump over obstacles, slide under barriers, and perform stunts to earn extra coins. The game features various power-ups that can be collected to enhance the player's performance or increase their score. The game also includes different characters and bikes to unlock, each with their own unique abilities and attributes.

Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush has simple, intuitive controls. Players tilt their device to steer their bike left or right, swipe up to jump, and swipe down to slide. The game has stunning 3D graphics and a fast-paced soundtrack that adds to the excitement of the gameplay.

Bike Blast- Bike Race Rush


Bike Blast - Bike Race Rush is an online bike racing game in which players must navigate a busy street and avoid obstacles while collecting coins and power-ups. The game features various characters and bikes to choose from, each with its own unique abilities.

Controls Guide:

  • Press the up arrow key or space bar to jump
  • Press the down arrow key to slide
  • Press the left and right arrow keys to move left and right respectively
  • Press the X key to activate a power-up

How to play:

  • Choose a character and bike from the options available.
  • Use the arrow keys to move the bike left or right on the road.
  • Collect coins along the way to score points.
  • Avoid obstacles such as cars, trucks, and other obstacles.
  • Use the jump and slide functions to avoid obstacles and collect power-ups.
  • Activate power-ups by pressing the X key.
  • Keep playing and try to beat your high score.

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